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September 7, 2008

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May 18, 2007



The above article is yet another article which tries its best to try and warn people about the lasting negative impacts of climate change and weather related stuff. This article mentions some interesting consequences of climate change, most of which are global consequences. It also states some events, whose potential cause could be climate change and water scarcity.

The article starts of with two potential happenings, which are rather disturbing. The heading of the article, which itself is quite alarming, is reiterated by the first fact. This is that around a billion people might be forced to migrate, that is, move from their houses within the next 50 years. Further into the article, it says that based on a latest UN population and climate change figures, hundreds of millions of people, mostly in the desert areas of North Africa near the Sahara belt and
Middle East region. They state various causes such as conflict, large scale development projects and environmental deterioration. It also stays that till now; at least 150 million people have been moved because of conflict and environmental degradation. I was stunned when I read this, because till now, I hardly knew that environmental change had such a drastic effect. I knew that it might affect us in the future, but the fact that it has already had such an impact is astonishing.

The article also states some rather strange but interesting causes for the crisis in
Darfur. I would never have thought of climate change, desertification, and drought to

be “underlying factors” behind the civil war crisis.

Even more intriguing is that more people have been displaced by man made factors than climate change. Construction of large scale development programs such as dams has displaced more than 60 % of all the people who have been displaced. In the UN forecast for 2050, around 650 million people will be displaced by development projects such as dams. The rest will have to move due to climate related incidents such as droughts, hurricanes and desertification.

Overall, this article is one of a kind. It has facts and evidence to support them. It tries to give different causes for conflicts, causes that I never would have thought of.

It is a good article that opens our eyes to the growing problems surrounding climate change.

May 16, 2007

BBC NEWS | Europe | EU leads Kyoto ‘carbon revolution’



The above mentioned article is one that caught my attention. Nowadays, there is rarely a single day without the newspapers talking about global warming, climate change and pollution. This article is no different, as it talks about the
Kyoto protocol, which has been in the news a lot lately. It has finally come into force after years of debating. One thing that struck me as I started to read the article was that U.S.A had not signed the protocol. I remember hearing one of my friends mentioning that fact. It doesn’t surprise me though, as recently all that U.S.A has been doing is to talk and talk. It is probably the world’s largest emitter of CO2 and yet, it has not taken part in the
Kyoto protocol, which is currently the only major pact governing the emission of greenhouse gases, especially, co2.

Back to the article. This article mentions some astonishing facts. The fact that some of the EU countries have not signed the pact is rather surprising, but it looks like they are only trying to follow the European Union’s emission trading scheme. Other than that, the only country that is having problems with the Kyoto protocol, which sets an emission target for all countries by 2012, is the
UK, which is cribbing about its emission allowance. I think it is entirely true, what the article says,” no country wants to sacrifice its business to meet the regulations of the protocol”.

The emission of greenhouse gases is increasing at an alarming rate in past few years. I think that 1 protocol only won’t do the job of reducing the amount or greenhouse gases that are being emitted onto our earth’s atmosphere. Our earth’s atmosphere is like the peel of an apple- extremely fragile and thin. When peeled off, it exposes the apple to foreign germs etc. I feel that, if the
Kyoto protocol does its job well, then we should try and implement more such protocols.

On a different note, I feel that all this might turn out to be useless unless the people

decide to change their view of the impact of emission of greenhouse gases and wake up from their sleep and pay heed to what is going on around them.

This article gives a lot of facts and figures about the emission of greenhouse gases with the aid of graphs and charts. I feel that this is a very convincing article.


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February 28, 2007


The article in the New York Times, Cheney warns
Pakistan to fight terrorism, was a very interesting article and provoked me to write a response to it. It talks about Mr. Dick Cheney, the vice president of USA, his unprecedented and surprisingly secretive visit to Pakistan, and USA’s opinion on
Pakistan’s anti terrorism policy.

The article starts of  by stating that Mr. Dick Cheney warned
Pakistan to fight terrorism with more vigour or they would not be provided with aid. This is just madness in my opinion. Firstly,
USA starts the so called ‘war against terrorism’ which ends up killing thousands of innocent lives. Secondly when they realize that they were not able to capture the Al-Qaeda ,they bring other countries into the equation. Lastly they take advantage of the fact that they provide aid to many countries by blackmailing the countries to do their dirty work.

The Pakistani government responded in the right way by lashing out at USA saying that “
Pakistan does not accept dictation from any side or any source.” I hope that this taught
America a lesson. They should realize that even though the elephant is the largest land mammal, it still does not control the tiger and the mouse. This response showed the growing tensions between
Pakistan and the white house
The article later takes a twist when it states that Mr. Cheney also went to
Afghanistan. This appeared to be a part of the Bush
administrations’ effort to resolve a growing dispute between the two leaders. I fully agree with this as they have made public their dislike for each other. The fact that Mr. Cheney’s trip was kept highly secretive makes me worry for
USA. Like fools they have spent five years, billions of dollars etc on this ‘war’ and in the end it looks like the Taliban’s and al Qaeda’s power is increasing. So many innocent lives lost and only one worthwhile person has been captured.
The writer then tells that Mr. Musharraf’s treaty with the tribes is a determent to the
USA’s  anti-terrorism policy.
I think that this is madness. This statement clearly shows us that this article  was written by an American. Why doesn’t America trust
Pakistan? After all Mr. Musharraf has given his word to Mr. Bush. So, why don’t they let him keep us his word?
I would like to conclude by saying that this article has led me to two conclusions.One, the terrorist groups may be strengthening their forces as claimed by the article.
Two, USA must change its attitude towards other countries if it wants help-‘as you sow, so you reap.’
Thank You, Saivisesh

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February 22, 2007

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